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General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: January 08, 2020, 07:12:59 AM »
Well, I offered $500 for both the YX 125 and XR 80... I've not heard a word as a response...  I'm assuming they think it's worth more than I'm willing to pay...  so the search continues... 

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: December 23, 2019, 08:40:42 AM »
As usual, I can't just leave anything plain....  So I took some leftover paint and stain to the bike bench.  Also as you can see, it works fine for larger bikes too...  Can ya tell I ride orange...   :o

This issue is, when you get the cruiser that high, you can really see just how dirty it is... looks like I'm going to be busy polishing lots of chrome and paint...  also I realized just how little tread was left on the rear tire...  :-\  One thing I did try while the KTM was on the lift, was to use a small auto scissor jack to lift the rear of the bike.  This would allow me (when needed) to remove pull the rear tire.  It worked great, next will be to try it on the cruiser as well.  I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. 

I did try to use the pulley system I had rigged up to pull and store the stand up next to the ceiling of my garage.... FAIL!!  it's heavier than I thought...  need to go to plan B, as soon as I figure out what that is... 

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: December 11, 2019, 12:00:08 PM »
I've always wanted a bike work bench...  the issue is my garage floor space is limited, so I didn't want something when not in use to be taking up valuable space.  But... my garage also has 12ft ceilings.  I started looking for something cheap (yes I'm cheap) that when not in use could be stored near the ceiling via a pulley system.  After searching the interwebs, I found a video of a home made stand, that utilizes a motorcycle jack, and auto jack stands.

Here's a link to the video  I took his idea and made a few changes and built the following work table.  It's made from 2x10 lumber with a 3/4 plywood top.  The cutout is designed so the bike lift will fit under the stand, as this is how you lift and move the stand. I also had to build and figure out a way to mount a ramp.  Most of the material used I had lying around, including the front wheel stop. I used a door hinge so it can fold down when not being used.   
Pic 1 - shows the 1st time I lifted the stand and dropped in onto the jack stands.  I was surprised as to how stable it was.
Pic 3 - I bent a small piece of steel and attached to the plywood ramp, with a bolt going through the plywood to keep it from falling. Yes there's a support under the plywood ramp for stability.
Pic 4 - the 1st trial on putting my bike onto the table... this was just prior lifting it with the jack
Pic 7 - loaded and lifted to it lowest height.  I can go higher, just need to lift and adjust the jack stands.

So far so good...  I really haven't used it much yet, as I just completed it... but with the bike loaded and sitting on the jack, its surprisingly easy to move  around the garage.  The next test will be to load the street bike...  That will happen this weekend.  And finally the test of the pulleys to lift it up to the ceiling. 

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: December 11, 2019, 11:50:56 AM »
Beaner that looks like fun!  8)

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: December 05, 2019, 05:30:09 AM »
WOW!!!  the real question is not how many parts need replaced...  but how many parts are you missing???

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: December 04, 2019, 05:47:09 AM »
I'm also building a bike lift as I want to get the bikes a little higher (safely) to be able to preform maintenance.  I did a lot of research and found one that fits my needs.  When completed I'll post pics of my grand design.   

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: December 02, 2019, 05:24:06 AM »
For me, winter bike projects are more about keeping busy then making money.  If I don't have something to keep myself busy, I'll fall into the trap of getting home from work around 6:00, eat dinner, and then sit in my recliner... where I'll fall asleep by 9:00 (if not earlier)... I'm trying to stay out of that routine and keep myself busy during the cold winter months. I'm sure I'll be able to sell them both for more than I'll have invested... not by a lot, but it will be on the plus side.  Again it's more of a keeping myself busy then making $$$.  although a few extra $$$ that I reinvest into my steed never hurts.   

General Two Stroke Talk / Winter Projects... what ya working on?
« on: November 26, 2019, 07:04:08 AM »
Winter Projects... I get bored during the long winter months...  so I usually will purchase a clapped out POS and will fix and sell it... although I did keep last years 2 stroke quad project. 

I know of a divorce situation where a clapped out 99 yz 125 and an early 90's XR 80 are collecting dust. The owner is gone, and the ex wife has possession of the bikes.

I know the YZ runs, as I helped to replace the top end and water pump 2 years ago.  It hasn't seen much time since then, but... everything else on the bike will require attention...  The bike rarely saw routine / or really any maintenance unless it broke, at which time it was just the minimum to keep it on the track/trail... example.  The top full hole for the tranny... The threads were stripped and he didn't bother to repair it. During a ride I heard a loud screeching sound.  The bike was out of tranny fluid and the clutch plates were not happy.  He dumped in a quart of oil, and put a wooden dowel into the opening, problem solved lets ride.  The suspenders will need to be freshened, tires (front and rear) wheel, swing arm, and linkage bearings will need attention.  Plastics, grips, seat cover, chain / sprockets all need replaced.  Another one that has me laughing is the shifter shaft.  The splines on the shaft are badly worn and the shifter slips.  Had the bolt cranked down so tight I thought it would break.  I know if he had access to a welder, he would have welded the shifter on it...  So yea its a clapped out POS.  The last time I saw the XR running, it smoked quite a bit, so I'm assuming it needs a new piston, rings, valve seals, carb cleaned, plus I'm betting the tires are dry rotted from age.

So If i buy these amazing machines it will be on the cheap, and will be a spring time flip.  I'm going to make an offer to the ex wife... its going to be low and I doubt she'll accept it, but nothing ventured nothing gained. 

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: cr250 losing coolant
« on: September 17, 2019, 06:21:59 AM »
Great to hear you found the issue....  ride on!

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: 175
« on: August 26, 2019, 06:02:27 AM »
Seems, the money didn't eventuate, par for the course.
"with my new hip I can kick start again."

Ouch.. hope all is well..  BTW, estart is an awesome thing to have...  I used to make fun of the guys on estart 2 strokes... but now that I'm one of them....  I must admit, it really is nice.  8)

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Legends
« on: August 21, 2019, 01:22:58 PM »

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Jetting question on two stroke quad
« on: August 20, 2019, 06:02:00 PM »
I finally got the jetting right... YEA!!!!

I kept thinking about the jetting... when I got the quad the main seal was leaking, which i fixed. so it was always running rich. I thought before I order new jets, to do a test... I pulled off the air box and took it around the house... it was a little rich on the bottom, but open her up and holy cow she will move....  the air box is really restrictive.

Previously I had purchased a carb rebuild kit, it came with "stock" jets... I knew the main that came with the kit was smaller than the one in the carb (of course its not marked with a size, but based on a visual test it's smaller). I know I should only make one jetting change at a time, but I knew I was too rich and needed to address it...  So i pulled the carb, swapped MJ's and moved the clip up one notch... it now starts it’s soon as you touch the starter button.. and best of all it runs like scalded dog.. it's pretty fast for an old girl

I kept thinking it was too lean...  when all along it was too rich.  I think during it's lifetime, as the main seal began to leak, it was rejetted richer to accommodate the extra air.  Well those problems have been solved and it runs as it should...  I'll be on it this weekend, reopening some single track...  yes that is why I have it...  ;D  At least I bought a quad that's a 2 stroke

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: Jetting question on two stroke quad
« on: August 20, 2019, 07:44:38 AM »
I'm starting to rethink the issue...  I'm going to pull the air box and see if more air changes the performance.  If it does, then the MJ is too large, and I need to go smaller...

General Two Stroke Talk / Jetting question on two stroke quad
« on: August 19, 2019, 09:45:55 AM »
Not a MX question, but a two stroke jetting question on my quad

Ok guys... I've been fighting bad jetting on my 2000 Polaris Xplorer 400 since I got this machine. it on stock jetting... Yes it runs ok... but there are days want to set it on fire... It starts and idles perfectly every time (no choke needed, even when cold) without fail... so I'll agree the PJ is running slightly rich. Its the transition above idle that's killing me... at times it blubbers, coughs, chokes, but other times, it will get into the mid range (1/2 throttle) and then blubber... It will run in the mid range all day if you keep it below 1/2 throttle. You cannot get into a clean upper range. Sitting in neutral, you can open the throttle all the way, and it revs about 1/2 of where I think it should go. It doesn't completely rev out as a two stroke should, and it's worse with a load on the motor.

Changes I've made... I've leaned out the clip, 3rd to 2nd notch.. (3rd is where it was when I got the machine) runs better, but not good enough for me... If I move the clip to the top notch, the idle seems better, (could be my imagination) but then it will not rev out at all... pulled the MJ and found it's a 210. Cannot find a marking on the needle or PJ. I'm ok with the PJ for now...

I think I'm going to order jets larger than the current 210, (220 and 230). My semi educated guess as to what is happening... with the rich bottom end, its allowing the motor to get into the mid range, but the main jet is too small not allowing it to rev out... My fix is moving the clip to the top notch (leaning out the lower end), and swapping out the current 210 MJ for with a 220, or 230 to allow the carb to get more fuel and hopefully into the upper RPM range.


General Two Stroke Talk / Ride Report... August 11 2018 trail ride
« on: August 12, 2019, 08:42:39 AM »
Work has been rough, and I needed get out and stretch my bike riding legs...  I rode solo... so I stuck to the double track and the easier trails, and even backed off the speed a little.  The soil it clay based (dry hard pack) with lots of rocks.  On the 1st loop I came down a long steep hill, only to want to turn right, but the front tire caught a rut and the bike decided to left... so I was quickly dismounted and to ease my fall, a nice large bolder was there for my knee to land on...  yes I got a boo-boo... and yes it hurts like hell...  but I rode on...  can't let a little thing like that get in the way of a ride... 

As requested I did pull out the GoPro and took some video...  This was after the fall, so I toned it down a bit... plus I was a little lazy....  just wanted to get out for a ride

The video does not show just how rough the terrain really is.  With clay based soil and with the amount of rain we've had, the ruts were deep, but now they're dried up and create a whole new obstacle...  ;D

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