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For Sale / 2007 Suzuki RM125 144 $2900 Connecticut For Sale
« on: June 02, 2017, 01:55:31 PM »

2007 Suzuki RM 125 with the Eric Gorr 144cc kit.

I personally built this engine from bottom end up a few years back. I used all OEM components within (bearings, gaskets, crank). Eric Gorr punched the engine to 144cc with the "Mo-Better" porting which gives a great mid range hit. I have since added a fresh top end (Wossner Piston as recommended by Gorr) maybe 10 riding hours ago. Engine runs fantastic and it runs on pump gas. Has fresh transmission oil and a serviced air filter.

Suspension is full Factory Connection with springs and valving for a 150 lbs rider. I also kept all the original springs which I will include with the sale. I have it serviced every season.

I just redid the head stem bearings as they were starting to get worn. Smooth as butter now. Also serviced the shock linkage.

Front tire is new. Rear tire is probably 75%.

I will include the factory service manual, the OEM exhaust, and some other odds/ends. Comes with the original Suzuki title.

This really is the best 2 stroke you can get! I invested a lot of time into this bike. The newer plastic upgrade looks fantastic! I am taking a step back from motocross if you are wondering why I am selling it.

I will be keeping the front number plate which has my name on it but will include a brand new one. The stand is not included.

Buyer responsible for pickup. I can meet halfway if you live far. $2900

Did you add any extra shipping insurance? I think UPS only covers up to $100

For Sale / Pro Taper Contour Bars - $30
« on: May 24, 2013, 01:47:09 AM »
KX High Bend. Excellent condition and comes with bar pad. $30 plus shipping.

First, I'd like to say I and I'm sure everyone here are GLAD to have you back riding! After the injuries you had, most people I know would quit forever (understandably so).

It's good to hear your bike still had added low-end pull compared to the 125 after you opted for the mid/high porting. I have an 07 RM125 with fmf pipe/silencer, V3 Reeds, Re-jetted, new OEM Top End installed by me, and FC Suspension. You are right about the 250F having those inside line advantages. I race/ride at a Supercross style track and it's a chore for me with the lack of low end but you know what? I have SO much fun on this bike that I decided to sell my RMZ250! Once it does sell I intend to purchase an 06+ RM250! I will keep my 450 though... I like that bike  ;D These RM's corner extremely well. I'm sure the 144 kit will be a HUGE plus as it was for you.

I'm still debating on which porting option to choose. I do want to stick with pump gas. As I stated, I mainly race at a tight supercross style track but I do like some over-rev!

Any recommendations on shipping the engine out to Gorr? That is the only concern I have but I don't want to do these case mods myself.

Great post!

Technical / First Two Stroke Top End Replacement
« on: April 23, 2013, 04:14:20 PM »
I ordered a wristpin, piston bearing, and powervalve gaskets.

Technical / First Two Stroke Top End Replacement
« on: April 20, 2013, 11:36:45 PM »
Ok, started the tear-down of the top end on the 07 RM125.

A few things I was disappointed with regarding the Suzuki "top end kit" 12100-36871:

1. Does not contain a new Wrist Pin
2. Does not contain a new piston/rod bearing
3. Does not contain new power valve cover gaskets

I am going to assume here that the wrist pin and piston rod bearing are items that really should be replaced during a top end rebuild? I included a pic of the wrist pin I have. As you can see, shows signs of some wear.

How much side-side play is allowed on the connecting rod with the head off? Mine has quite a bit!

As I stated before, I never did a two stroke top end, I have done my fair share of modern 4stroke rebuilds. I was expecting to see carbon buildup all inside the powervalve assembly and a bunch of gunk. Not so here, besides the I guess normal oil/premix. Nothing was carboned up here. I was unable to remove the two 4mm allen head screws (you can see them in my pics). They are super tight and I ended up bending my allen wrench trying to get them off. I will have to buy a allen socket for this but I'm wondering if it's even necessary (there is no binding or obvious signs of issues within the movement of the valve).

I included a pic of the powervalve shaft. There is some wear from where the two springs rest on it.... should this be replaced?

Cylinder looks great.

Any other tips are greatly appreciated! Here are the pics:

Before a simple Cleaning:

After a simple Cleaning:

The grooves on powervalve shaft I was referring to from where the two springs rest on it:

Wrist Pin:

Technical / First Two Stroke Top End Replacement
« on: April 18, 2013, 02:02:43 AM »
I will be performing a top end rebuild on my 2007 RM125. Runs fine, just wanting to freshen it up. Bike has a full fmf exhaust and jetting for mods.

I ordered the OEM Suzuki Top End kit (includes all necessary gaskets/seals for job). I also have the factory service manual.

I have rebuilt many four strokes including bottom ends/splitting of the cases with success each time (RMZ250 and YZ250F), so I'm not really new to this, just wanting to know any tricks or heads up for the 125.

I was told I should also clean the power valve assembly?

Technical / Sound Testing unfair to the two stroke
« on: April 07, 2013, 08:28:11 PM »
I agree Kim.

We, as a club, have sacrificed our riding hours for these complainers. We have built quite an impressive sound wall with sound reflective material. We have implemented the 94 db sound test. Nothing seems to please =(

Technical / Sound Testing unfair to the two stroke
« on: April 07, 2013, 03:29:32 AM »
Indeed it is! The neighbors are still complaining, sound testing is being used as a last resort. I fear for what's to come in the near future if the complaining continues.....

I'm trying to find the AMA sound testing guidelines. From what I have heard, yes, the new AMA standard is 94db, but I believe it is still 96db for the two strokes AND/or, tested at a different RPM than the 4 strokes.

 If I can find these guidelines, I may be able to bring it up at a club meeting in honor of those who still want to ride our two strokes without completely killing the power output, while the four strokes continue to ride with further noise travel  :<img src=" title="Roll Eyes" class="smiley">

Technical / Sound Testing unfair to the two stroke
« on: April 07, 2013, 03:21:43 AM »

Technical / Sound Testing unfair to the two stroke
« on: April 07, 2013, 03:13:03 AM »
The motocross club I race/ride at is taking every measure they can to satisfy the whining neighbors who moved to an INDUSTRIAL area where the absolutely knew a motocross track was located as well (for 50 years in fact, before those houses were built!).

We have built sound barrier walls, not enough to satisfy. Now, sound testing is mandatory to ride and the level is 94!

My four strokes have no problem meeting this level. Even my 450 passes with a stock exhaust.

People are failing left and right with two strokes and it's unfair. Two strokes can be loud, standing next to them, but the sound is not traveling as far as the 250f and 450f bikes, which is the entire point to all this strict testing.

I recently put on an FMF fatty and Powercore II (not the shorty) silencer on my 2007 RM125. Has 6 hours of riding time on it. I'm REALLY hoping it passes. I guess if it doesn't, I will try the factory silencer and new packing but I really don't want to kill the extra power the fmf package produced. Any silencer recommendations for 94 db with minimal if any power loss?

I always have done a few arenacross events every winter, lots of fun. This winter me and a friend plan on doing even more than we usually do. I debated on the rmz250 or my rm125 for the tight indoor stuff and it was a no-brainer that the 125 is better suited! With the constant turning and tightness of arenacross, the 125 is much easier to point and shoot I feel. Should be fun off the catapult!

Anyone racing some arenacross this year? Will probably be the only 125 out there in the novice class.

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: PROJECT: 2001 RM125
« on: October 10, 2011, 07:01:50 PM »
looks awesome! SUZUKI!

General Two Stroke Talk / Re: New to the site... introducing myself
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:33:30 AM »
Awesome video! Thanks for the link.

Took the RMZ out for a ride yesterday. Realized the old 4stroke bog I've been trying to chase away never magically did. That's another nice advantage to the two stroke, a much simplier carb. Based on some engine mods, both internal and bolt-on with the RMZ, the carb just can't compensate. So I've spent lots of money on jet-kits and accelarator pump covers which has gotten me nowhere. Was debating on which bike to race this Friday, and that ride on the RMZ clearly made the decision....


Photos & Videos / When arenacross was ARENACROSS
« on: September 24, 2011, 11:42:44 AM »
Naslund vs. Gatt - 1992 Cloverdale Arenacross 125 Pro Main Event

What a great battle. Great sound. Anyone been to an Arenacross race recently? The most dull sounding event ever. I like how the old-school arenacross didn't need the rediculous catapult and other obstacles for a good race.

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