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It's a holiday weekend here in the states...  Who it riding this weekend???

My wife is traveling to see her family and leaving me behind...   :(  So I'm planning on making the best of it and planning on a solo rife Friday, and a group ride Monday...   :D ;D ;) 

Looking forward to the weekend as I will be working a cross country race.  I worked one last year and really enjoyed myself.  I especially enjoyed helping the little guys / gals on their little PW's.  We had one little guy who fell over while trying to get up a little hill, several volunteers jumped in and picked him up, put him on his bike and got him up the hill and encouraged him to continue on...  He was almost in tears and scared, but we got him going again and he finished the race.  I happen to see him and his family after the race and congratulated him on finishing...  the smile on his face was priceless.  The thank you from the parents was heartfelt as they saw us pick him up and get him going again.   

In the adult classes, I helped several downed riders, and even had a guy ask if I had a spark plug as his was about to foul.  Of course I did... as I about to pull the plug out of his motor, I see the issue and mention to him to turn off the choke.  I put in my fresh plug, he turns off the choke and it fires up 1st kick as a 2 stroke should...  he thanks me and takes off...  he found me after the race to thank me, and wanted to pay for the plug...  I think I can cover the $2.00 for the plug...  he was so embarrassed about leaving the choke on...  :o   

It's been a little wet, but hope it dries up by Sunday.  I'll be on the track following the groups looking for those that need assistance.  Looking forward to a fun day

I find myself in a in a strange situation...  My kids are grown and having kids of their own. As we all know spare time is precious with a young growing family. My son's baby is 1 month old, so he'll be lucky to get out a few times this season. My riding friends sometimes find it difficult to find the time to ride...  so I decided if I want to ride more (which I do), I just need ride solo...  I can usually hook up with someone at the trail head or sometimes even on the trail, but lately I've enjoyed going it alone. I've found sometimes there's nothing's better then finding a fun section and riding it over and over, testing out different trails / different lines / different sections without thinking about the group or riding buddies. When bouncing off trees, I can rides with out thoughts of making sure my riding buddies are able to clear this obstacle. I will concede when solo I do back down the pace a bit and will take the easier trail, I've found that I seem to put in more miles when solo... yes I admit it's on the easier trails, but I'm still busting down the trails...  Isn't that what it's all about.    ;D

Just as a safety measure when riding solo I do carry my phone and have a few friends near the riding area that can bail me out in-case of an emergency.  I also wear my helmet blue tooth communication device and can make a call with just the push of a button on my helmet.

How many other ride solo?

General Two Stroke Talk / 2019 KTM 300 XCW Ride Review
« on: March 25, 2019, 06:11:05 AM »
Well I finally got the 300 out on her maiden voyage. Since I’ve picked her up from my dealer, all I’ve done was to check tightness of bolts, add hand guards, a skid plate, and top off the oil and fuel.  Do you know have difficult it was to stop at a gas station and top off the fuel with straight gas...  It was like an out of body experience... that went against everything we know...  Didn’t even touch the suspension settings. Wanted to put a little time on it before making any adjustments.

Conditions were wet, muddy to tacky, soil is clay, otherwise know as brown ice when it's wet and covered in last years leaves. I rode solo today, so I backed off on the speed a bit and enjoyed the ride.

The 300 TPI... what a bike. Just so easy to enjoy. Felt so light compared to my old 380. 1st ride of the year, rode close to 20 miles. Only complaints I have are more of personal issues. Due to carpal tunnel, I’ve found the pillow top grips help me to maintain grip longer without numbness in my hands. The stock grips are too skinny, and too hard. Tires are ok, will work for now... just not my preferred brand. The seat felt like I was sitting on a board... KTM's are know for their hard seats...  but damn, a little more padding would be awesome. Finally like many of the TPI owners I prefer an idle that’s a little higher.  It idles low, but once fully warmed up, does not stall, or cause an issue.

Yea... that’s all I’ve found wrong... and all are of a personal preference Can’t fault this bike at all. Brakes are outstanding, power is on point. You can lug it low, or point and shoot. So clean running, it really makes you look like a better rider than you are... The ergonomics are excellent,  the bike simply performs as expected.

General Two Stroke Talk / Looking at a 2019 KTM 300 XCW TPI
« on: February 20, 2019, 08:10:27 AM »
My wonderful bride suggested that I sell all of my bikes, and buy a new bike...  I've been riding for over 45 years (damn that's a big number) and I've never, never owned a new dirt bike.  I think it's time to treat myself to a new 2019 KTM 300 XCW TPI.  I've been doing a lot of reading, yes I understand the issue with the electronics... I understand it's a lot of $$$ but you only live once, enjoy it while you can.  To make this deal, I need to sell some toys... 

1st will be a winter project from a few years ago, a 1991 KDX 200.  It was a basket case that I built as a buddy bike. Worked out great, but hasn't been used much in the last few years.  I posted it on CL on Monday night, has someone come on Tuesday to look at it.. explained I haven't started the bike in a year and a half...  The damn thing started on the 3rd kick.  HE bought it on the spot.  Hard to believe it was sold in less than 24 hours and within $50 of my goal proce....  SCORE  KDX's have a cult following so I knew selling this bike would be easy.

Next will be this winters project, a 2002 Polaris Xplorer 400 (smoker).  Bought as a non-runner it has been completely overhauled and is ready to go.   This one could be a little more difficult to sell, but the right person will come along... I just don't expect it to happen within 24 hours.

Finally my 01 KTM 380.. The bike I lusted after... the bike I always wanted... I've really enjoyed the bike. I overhauled the jetting to get it as close to perfection for my area as I could.  This bike has never let me down, only fouled one plug, and that was because I over oiled the air filter.  I'm sure it will sell pretty quickly.  There's still a strong demand for a big bore KTM.  Of course I'm saving this one till last...  I cannot be bikeless.... I would feel naked... AND NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!  :o

Then I'll be bringing home a shinny new 300 TPI.  I'm going to work on getting it plated as well... we'll see how that goes. 

General Two Stroke Talk / 10/21/18 ride report
« on: October 22, 2018, 06:49:34 AM »
This past weekend was my riding club's annual KTM / Yamaha demo days...  Unfortunately due to some physical ailments, I decided to not ride, but rather work the event.  Temps in the low 40's (Fahrenheit) with a stiff wind made for a chilly day A co-worker of my son's asked if he and his 7 year old son join us.  He currently is bikeless as someone stole his 450 and his boy's KTM 50.  He's uncle donated a clapped out KTM 50 to replace the one that was stolen... Since I was not riding I offered my 380...  My son, his buddy and his boy had a ball... 

Our facility has both a main track, and a pee wee track, plus 400 areas of trails.  There were two loops set up, one "easy" and one hard.  We've had quite a bit of rain, so even the easy was hard to get through.  The little guy made it through most of the trail loop, but when they came upon a hill my son knew he could not make, he detoured and shortened the loop and came back to the pits.  After a bite to eat the little guy was on the pee wee track just having a ball...  lap after lap, after lap...  I kept an eye on the little one while my son and his co-worker tried the hard loop...  They finished... but were a little haggard after the loop.  After a quick rest, they hit the big track... my son pulled off after 4 laps, said his legs were rubber, and was making too many mistakes and knew to pull off and watch before someone got hurt.  His buddy on my 380 was having too much fun...  started putting in some good laps...  so much fun that he over did it, and had to call off work this morning...  lol

At demo days, you can really see the interest in the smokers...  those who are on strokers have the chance to try a smoker on a track or on a trail loop.  By far the longest line was for the 150.  If you've ever ridden one, they are just so light, and really quick...  The next most popular bike were the 125's, both KTM's and Yamaha's.  Everyone just had a huge grin after taking them for a spin.  Yes the strokers were there, but I heard several people comment as to the number of smokers at the event.  Even my son's co-worked was is a 450 fan and someone who hadn't even considered a smoker until riding mine and my son's...  now he's has a lot to consider.  My buddy's son who seems to flip between a stroker and a smoker (currently of a YZ250), took several of the strokers out... figured out the 450's are just too heavy.  Great power but are too heavy.  The 250F's he struggled to keep the bike on the correct like, especially in the corners.  They he tried the 125... loved it...  felt like a mountain bike as it was so light. 

Over all it was a very successful weekend.  The club made some money to purchase and maintain the equipment, and I did hear we did have one incident, possibly a broken leg.  With over 750 riders through the gates this weekend and one incident, I'm happy with that. 

I hate to say it, but the weather is getting colder and the riding time is getting shorter....  I hope to get out a few more times before it's time to tear the bike down and do some winter maintenance.   

General Two Stroke Talk / Weekend ride 5/28/18
« on: May 28, 2018, 11:38:58 AM »
Was invited to ride with a group of guys on some private single track.  Little did I know 7 out of the 12 guys regularly race in the local hare scramble circuit... oh well let’s see how I stack up... the trails are mostly tight tight single track, lots of mud, clay soil with trails that Mother Nature is trying to reclaim.   The hardest part for me was not knowing what’s up ahead... I was the only one who had not been there before.  The 1st loop I held up pretty well..   but after 2 hours I needed a break. We headed back to get some water & food.  One asks me if you don’t mind me asking how old are you... I’m 55.. holy crap 55 and still rocking a 380... yea all but one was younger than the number of years I’ve been riding a dirt bike...  😩 oh well let’s hit it again... after 60 min I knew I was done. I started making stupid mistakes. It took another 30 min to get back to the truck...I was dying...  they wanted me to go out for another loop... I knew better.  That’s when you’re tired and get up close and personal with a tree, or some other immovable object... no I’ll skip this loop

All smokers except two.  One owns a shop and wanted to try the KTM 250WXC F that was just traded in, instead of his KTM 200.  The other is s die hard stroker.  Oh well... we even had a vintage 88 husky running race fuel... ahhh the smell of race fuel.

The carnige... During the ride I started to get s cramp in my hip... would not go away. I knew I was dehydrated so I kept drinking water. Now this is the most non-stop riding I’ve done in a long, long time.  After I got home my 3 year old grand daughter wanted me to play blocks with her.  Of course I’m going to... hip hurts like hell but down onto the floor I go..  soon one side my groin starts to have a muscle  spasm...  oh shit now the other side too... I’m in agony.  I ask my grand daughter to get my wife who’s  outside.  I can’t I’m too little to open the door...  so I crawl, hang onto the furniture open the door and beg for help...  she brings me s large glass of dry red wine.  Drink this.  I chug it and in a few seconds the spasms stop... 

Yes she reminded me I’m not 18 and I need to get into shape before riding like that. Yes dear... thank you dear...  so here I sit on Monday, hip still hurts, right wrist hurts (I think when I fell my wrist landed on a log or tree limb)... but I am a happy guy... give me a few days to recover  and I’ll be ready to go again.

General Two Stroke Talk / Weekend update 5/20/18
« on: May 21, 2018, 05:56:39 AM »
I've been having clutch issues for quite a while.  I finally broke down and purchased a new clutch basket.  First issue, my bike a 2001 KTM 380...  all aftermarket clutch baskets are for 2003 and newer...  after a bit of research, I found the baskets from an 2003 - 2016 fit KTM 250 - 380's...  so I picked up a Wiesco clutch basket.

Install was simple...  lay the bike on it side, remove clutch cover, remove clutch plates and clutch basket.  Drill out rivets to access gear, install onto new basket and reinstall...  The only issue I had was reinstalling the spring from the brake lever to the clutch cover...  that took almost as long as replacing the clutch basket. 

Took her for a spin Sunday...  what a difference.  I know dealing with a warn clutch was giving me fits, but until Sunday's ride I didn't realize just how much.  I love to ride the technical trails...  with a proper clutch, it's so much easier...  I guess 17 years is too long to wait to replace clutch parts...  Next will be to replace the plates and disks...  I wanted to see the impact of the basket before more changes.

As far as the ride... great day, we've had a lot of rain, but the riding park was not too bad.  Yes it was pretty wet in some areas, but overall conditions were pretty good.  I'm paying for my lack of off season training today, but l can deal with the soreness.  Most of the riders at my club are off-road, so the mix of bikes continues to be 75-80% smokers.  I even spotted a couple of KDX's. 

Overall it was a great day

General Two Stroke Talk / Time for a Spring Cleaning of my bike.
« on: February 23, 2018, 08:41:40 AM »
My bike (01 KTM 380) doesn't need much heading into another season...  but it's time for a good spring cleaning.  I've pulled the seat, tank, all plastics, exhaust and am preparing for an extreme cleaning.  The engine cases are stained... so I'm going to attempt to clean the engine with some aluminium cleaner.   Any suggestions as to a cleaner, I've read about some good results with aluminium wheel cleaner and a lot of elbow grease.  I will also be cleaning the exhaust.  it to is dirt stained.

I'm not sure if I'll pull the motor or not.  I'll try with it in the frame 1st to see if I'm happy with the results. 

Of course after she's clean  I'll be going through all moving parts / bearing to ensure she's ready for another season.

General Two Stroke Talk / Swapping my 380 motor into a modern frame
« on: November 22, 2017, 04:35:42 AM »
I'm thinking (dreaming) about a winter project.  I'd like to swap my 380 motor into a more modern KTM frame.  Best case would be to find a KTM 250/300 smoker and swap the 380 into it.  Worst case (more effort) would be to swap the 380 into a 250 /350 /450 KTM frame.  Finding a blown stroker is much easier then finding a smoker.  I've been doing a lot of research, and am looking at making the swap.  I'm looking for a roller in the 2012 area.

Also keep in mind, I'm a cheap ass....  So I need to find an inexpensive broken bike that I can either toss the motor, or better yet sell it... 

Nothing started other then a lot of reading and a lot of dreaming... 

Crow Canyon Motorsports Club in Uhrichsville Ohio will be holding our annual KTM Days on October 21st and 22nd.  There will be marked trail loops (easier and difficult), The MX track will be groomed  and KTM will be there with all of their bikes (MX and Enduro) for demo rides.

General Two Stroke Talk / Lectron vs. Smart Carb, vs Keihin
« on: September 29, 2017, 04:51:01 AM »
Just thinking here...  I'm looking at possibly going to either the Lectron or Smart Carb instead of the current Keihin carb.  Are the Lectron or Smart Carb really worth the $400 investment?  Yes I've been reading tons of web pages, but of us most only post the issues with each, and not the success stories.  Anyone out there running either the Lectron or Smart Carb, and are you happy with it's performance?

General Two Stroke Talk / Changes in riding groups selection of bikes
« on: September 18, 2017, 05:35:28 AM »
An observation from this past weekends ride

Over the past few years I've seen a change in the bikes my riding group has been on...  There are those of us (me included) who are 2 stroke only...  there are several who have switched back and forth, and there are those 4 stroke or nothing riders.  This weekends ride, there were 10 riders on two on 4 strokes...  one just bought a 2012 CRF-X 250.  Its been lowered, (which fits as he's a bit height challenged), the other on a KX 450 cause he a big tough guy...  the rest was two KTM 380's, KTM 300, two YZ250's , KTM 200, KTM 150, and a YZ125. 

I think my buddy on the CRF-X finally found the right bike for him...  He needed something along the lines of an XR250 but with more punch and decent suspension.  He's not a fast rider, sometimes painfully slow... he has a KX125, but didn't ride it aggressive enough.  Had a CRF 250 for a short while (loved it), but it was hard to start, and after valve issues decided to sell it.   The X version is much tamer, plus estart.  The valves have been swapped for stainless steel, so maybe they will last a while longer.  It does start much easier.

The 450 rider, has a bike too big for his ability.  It gets him into trouble, as much as it bails him out of it.  Previously he had a bone stock KTM 150...  said it wasn't fast enough... never tried to adjust the jetting, swore it was just a bad bike...  Over the weekend he rode my buddies 150 with proper jetting and suspension settings, he now wants to dump the 450 and get a 150. 

The 2 guys on YZ250, are previous staunch supporters of the 4 stroke brigade... No more... too many expensive repairs, one also realized the 450 he was on was killing his lap times, rode a buddies smoker for 15 min, put the pig up for sale and bought the YZ... couldn't be happier. 

The rest of us are two smokers for life...  we did notice the faint sounds of a stroker at the riding area, but most of the time it was just the sweet sound of a two stroke on the pipe... 

General Two Stroke Talk / Observations from the weekend ride
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:43:08 AM »
The weather was unseasonable cool... overcast with temps in the mid 70's...  had a brief light shower during the previous night...  conditions perfect.  6 riders... 5 smokers, 1 stroker. 

Several years ago, a riding buddy relocated to Florida to help further his career.  To help facilitate the move, he sold everything... his beloved KTM 250SX, riding gear, everything.... Fast forward 2.5 years... he's back... 1st thing he did was have a sit down and a long conversation getting another bike.  I reminded him of the grin on his face when he test rode a KTM 150SX.  He looked at a few but they were roached... found one in Michigan, and made the 6 hour drive (each way) to get her...  2013 KTM 150 SX... excellent condition... 

Sunday, the 1st day on the track with his new steed....  now this track does not have any really long stretch, its more is a tight & twisty with a lot of breaking bumps and turns.  The 150's PO had the suspenders set up for a 175 lbs rider...  Dave just happens to tip the scales at 170, so when he was blasting through the bumps, the back tire stayed planted.  It was quite a site to see as he was blowing by the 450's like they were standing still... They'd try to take his line away... no problem, he'd just either dive under or take the outer line.  He was having the time of his life... No it doesn't hurt that his riding style suits the 150 to a T... he is one who likes to go ring it's neck, and never let off...  plus he's just a damn good rider, he's so smooth.

I took a group into the woods on one of the more technical trails.  The 450 rider in our group struggled to keep up.  I was running a pretty good pace when I kept noticing a wheel right at my foot pegs...  Dave was setting me up for a pass.... I shut him down and tried to check out...  nope... he was right on my ass....  we came around a muddy turn and I didn't see the log across the trail buried in the mud... my front wheel slide down it like it was on ice... yep I go down in a graceful thud...  Dave stop realized I'm fine, laugh's his ass off... and then proceeds to roost me while he's laughing the whole time...  DAMN KIDS!!! 

All in all it was another great day on the bike...  I'm a little sore today, my ankle got a little tweaked, but other then a flat tire on my son's 300 and some bruised ego's...  it was a great day.  As I'm gimping around this morning getting ready for work, the wife says see what happens when you act like a kid... to which I say if I could go again today...  I'll suite up right now...  She asked when are you going to grow up???  NEVER!!! 

General Two Stroke Talk / New Project 04 RM 125 Barn find
« on: June 29, 2017, 08:09:20 AM »
New Project... Barn fresh 04 RM 125.. My son's girlfriend mentioned to him I know where there's a bike that's been sitting for years (6 years to be exact).  Ex boyfriend's... she called his step mother, it doesn't run... she said please come get it out of the barn, please, you can have it... FREE...

Adam picks it up, said the tires were 3 inches down in the dirt, wheels didn't want to turn.  Was told by the ex that it has a full aftermarket exhaust, bored 40 over....  Adam didn't care, just wanted to collect the bikes and its parts and get out of there... 

So we gave it a much needed bath... found its missing a few small things, but its pretty complete.  As usual I don't take believe what previous owners say they've done to their bikes..  After a quick inspection I see it has the stock exhaust... so I know the PO is full of shit... Before wasting my time I check for spark, yep, got lots of spark.  So with that, let the tear down begin  (the other RM in the pic below is his buddies, just happens to be a 04 RM 125 too)

I drain the rads, it had engine ice in it... nice.  Pull the head, so far good, measures out to a stock bore.  I feel a slight scratch in the bore...  hmmm  I may be able to salvage this with just a top end refresh.  I pull the cylinder... somethings not right.  It takes me a while but then it hits me...  someone resleeved the cylinder but didn't line it up...  it's off 3/8 th's of an inch.  How that hell do you do that...  the ports are partially closed, including the power valve.  It was blocked from being able to open...

I'm dumbfounded as to how stupid some backyard mechanics are...  When I 1st saw the sleeve didn't line up with the casting, I assumed the sleeve or casting was broke... nope.... upon closer inspection, it's just bad work... The crank is tight, no play in the big end bearing, and no play on the clutch or flywheel side...

So we'll have the sleeve replaced and of course put in a new top end.  The bottom end will get washed out with clean diesel fuel. It needs a new chain and sprockets, levers, grips, and the rear fender stitched back together .  Clutch plates are serviceable for now.   It will make a fun track bike.

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