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Open Forum / Need some tips on making a motocross track
« on: September 04, 2012, 06:59:57 AM »
If the design phase isn't finished yet, I'd recommend adding the following:

1. At least three machine-gen nests, well-stocked with German WWII soldiers, and MG42's.

2. The Hole.

3. Razor wire at knee-height, so you and your bike can crawl underneath it. Adds an additional challenge to the course, especially if you have live fire going on overhead when you're doing it.

4. Lemonade stand. Have an annoying 8-year-old running it, and they don't have change for a $50.

5. An official 'Flying Wallenda' rope bridge, preferably installed over a gaping, 1000-ft chasm. Running water optional. Speed will be the key for traversing this level-10-difficulty water trap.

General Two Stroke Talk / About the article on the KTM two stroke National
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:58:07 AM »
After watching the video I have another question. If two strokes are dead and no one wants to ride them how did they get such a full field.

If Two Strokes were dead/dying TSM wouldnt be getting more traffic than Vital, Vurb, Racer X, Alli Sports and MXA.. But we are. :)

Funny that you should mention the online site of the used-to-be-print-only magazine, MXA, almost all of the print magazines (cars, bikes, male bikinis, etc) are seeing significant dropoffs in circulation....and their online sites aren't picking up the slack.

I just hope I don't actually have to follow up with my threat of writing two-stroke-based, teen-romance novels to help keep traffic flowing to this site.

For more details stats, check , search then type the other sites you want to compare.
Below is the traffic ranking for TSM, Vital, Vurb and Racer X.
We are currently above in visitors, pageviews, time on site and worldwide reach.
Thanks for the support guys!

Can you retype all of this in a German accent?

Focus on college first. I am a prime example of what happens when you don't. I'm now 40, attempting to correct the last 20 years of mistakes I've made on work and financial matters, and wish I had someone screaming at me to get me to do something different.

I wouldn't change a thing with my wife or children...but I think they have suffered a lot because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do early on, and now I find that I enjoy writing...and am pretty good at it...never mind I can't seem to find a decent job doing that sort of thing. Maybe someday...but nobody returns my emails, so I'll keep plodding along, having a laugh at people who clearly cant write but somehow manage to stay employed.

If you have a field which you can excel in, by all means, get the college done now. You obviously weren't born with psychotic/rich parents who could live through you by motocross racing and pay the way, so an extra couple of years without racing isn't going to kill you. I think AMA Supercross might be out....but only a couple of people sit at the top there, anyway.

Worst case? Sell whatever you own, and look really hard for a street-legal two-stroke bike, and simply ride it to a riding area...and only use 6/10's or so of your ability, that way you aren't doing something stupid that could jeopardize a career.

...on to something.

ATV's are cash cows for motorsports businesses and the numbers sold here in North America are truly staggering.

I have a big Yamaha ATV, one of the things I use it for is log skidding and I could easily use the power of that Can Am.Fresh out of high school I logged and ran skidders and ,for small scale selective logging,ATVs are quite efficient.They can get into almost anyplace and ,environmentally speaking,leave hardly a trace.I can't think of anything else with 4 wheels that can thread it's way through the forest like a quad.My Yamaha has H/L range 4WD,diff locks and I use these features all the time.So,if you can get past all the gizmos,that big Can Am actually has a lot of potential as a work machine. ;D

...unless it's muddy. On the coastal side of this state (Oregon), all the monster quads are good for is getting spectacularly stuck and destroying trail systems. The front-end acts like a shovel in deep mud, and the 4-wheel-drive digs gigantic ruts on trails.

You can't ride a trike on most of these trail systems, simply because of the ruts the quad guys dig while trying to go up hills.

Beyond that, I'm sure these bikes have their purposes....but a relaxing trail ride isn't one of them.

Open Forum / Like to write? Looking for Guest Editors/Contributors
« on: May 27, 2012, 09:55:08 PM »
I sent you a race report last week. Did you receive it?

...and that's the problem I ran into.

General Two Stroke Talk / So much for that idea....
« on: May 22, 2012, 01:11:09 AM »
Torque I don't know but supposed to be an honest 180+ hp with no modifications or bolt ons and apparently lots more to be had.
Some are known to be 350 + but here's a little 310 hp kit.Sounds like a good engine to pop into a hill climber  ;D

Anything else out there that might be a decent substitute, or do I need to look at the Mercury V8 outboards?

Open Forum / this just in!
« on: May 22, 2012, 01:08:31 AM »
the new kawi's weigh as much and and more than a xr250!

Might as well put "Harley Davidson" badges on the tank, and make it official.

Open Forum / this just in!
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:59:31 PM »
Is it just me, or does this bike look more....boring?

General Two Stroke Talk / So much for that idea....
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:54:59 PM »
Oh well,nothing wrong with a snomo engine evilscientistmoose.Get yourself a 1000cc BRP DI unit and your off to the races-with reverse and no heavy trans.Sweet.

Got any HP and torque figures?

General Two Stroke Talk / So much for that idea....
« on: May 20, 2012, 09:20:18 AM »

Apparently, they're not going to be selling engines, or giving out much information about how and where they got theirs. I had a strange idea about using one (or something similar) in a certain project here at home, but alas, I'll just have to consider the same idea that a certain 24 Hours of Lemons race team did with a Mazda Miata, putting a 600cc snowmobile engine and chain drive under the hood...which lasted the entire 24hr race.

Curses. Back to the drawing board.

If some of you want an idea of what two-strokes are up against, at least with the Japanese companies....I recently posted an article (okay, maybe I posted it quite some time ago) on the TSM Facebook page, where Superbike/Grand Prix racing over in Europe was being discussed. It was revealed that the Japanese had spent at least a billion dollars on their all-new 4-stroke bikes in an attempt to displace the old two-stroke 'junk'....meanwhile, grand prix race teams are dropping like flies, due to how insane the costs are to race a 4-stroke engine.

To that end, there's not much anyone can do other than simply stay away from The Big Four. KTM and Husqvarna are listening to you (somewhat), and if pride can be swallowed, there are plenty of screaming deals in the used market out there, and we all know how cheap it is to refurbish a two-stroke bike.

KTM's pushing the 4-stroke bike? They're simply trying to recoup investment, especially with the 4-stroke machinery. Once EFI hits 2-strokes full steam, however, the game is up, and Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki are all sitting on billions of dollars worth of modern-day wagon wheels. KTM is already selling everything they make concerning the 2-stroke market, correct? I wouldn't panic about their pushing 4-strokes, especially if they're quietly updating the bikes we're concerned about, right?

Want to solve a problem? Quit hoping that the Japanese are going to change their way of thinking, they're not going to fall on their swords, especially with that much money sitting on 4-stroke investments; keep in mind that Honda is screwing up pretty much everywhere right now, most everything they're selling in the car business is bombing spectacularly, especially the 'new' Civic, which is quite possibly the biggest dud they've introduced in quite some time...and will be redesigned...again...for either 2013 or 2014...immediately right after the 2012 'new' release that just occurred, it's that big of a turd.

Honda is also facing criticism all up and down their vehicle line, because while the bodies have been spruced up a bit, most of the drivetrain that's in those flashy, brand-new 2012 Honda cars is pretty much rehashed crap from 5-10 years ago. Hell, the Odyssey minivan, with it's tragic failure rate of a transmission (they can't build an auto tranny to save their lives) still has the same, basic 3.5L V6 from....1999, but with a couple of mild changes.

In addition, apparently, according to Honda north America, there are no Japanese words for 'Road Noise', or 'Noise Reduction', so therefore, you can't drive one of these heaps without ear protection. My 2000 Odyssey is the loudest heap I've owned in quite some time, and this comes from a guy who daily-drives a beater 1989 Chevy DisAstro van with almost-open exhaust, and at least two door panels missing.

The auto magazines have been howling, as well.

In other words, either switch brands to a company that at least quietly wants your business...start hoarding used equipment, or build your own bikes. Japan apparently doesn't give two shits about you...on every possible level.

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