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Title: KTM Days October 21st and 22nd at Crow Canyon riding Club in Uhrichsville Ohio
Post by: eprovenzano on October 04, 2017, 11:39:55 AM
Crow Canyon Motorsports Club in Uhrichsville Ohio will be holding our annual KTM Days on October 21st and 22nd.  There will be marked trail loops (easier and difficult), The MX track will be groomed  and KTM will be there with all of their bikes (MX and Enduro) for demo rides.
Title: Re: KTM Days October 21st and 22nd at Crow Canyon riding Club in Uhrichsville Ohio
Post by: eprovenzano on November 01, 2017, 05:07:39 AM
Well we had another successful KTM Days... Over the weekend we had over 700 riders pass through the gates, yes the facility was jammed pack...  The weather was crisp 50 degrees in the AM, but the sun warmed it up to 70 by the afternoon.  The conditions was a little dry and the marked trails were a little beat up (quads and side x sides can sure dig some deep ruts).  The easier loop was a good mix of easy trails with a few more difficult sections thrown in too... The marked AA single track was pretty challenging, not overly difficult, but kept you on your toes.  Every time I'd pass a stopped rider, he/she let me know all was well and to continue on...  I did stop to help a few riders... One was waiting for his buddy to come back with a quad to tow him out...  His KX 125 was pretty tired...  I swapped out his plug using one of my spares and got him going.  ... another on a CRF 250, bent the shifter into a U that went around the foot peg...  Took 20 min of fiddling just to get the bike into neutral so he could kick start it... of course being a 4 puke, after 75 kicks it finally fires, we get it into gear and the poor kids stalled it...   His uncle was ready to set the bike on fire and push it over a hill.. (yes he rides a smoker)  We finally got it restarted, and we pushed the the boy to ensure he wouldn't stall again...  I gave them directions as to the shortest route back to the pits. 

For me any my son, it was a great day of riding..  even with the large number of people, the trails and track didn't feel crowded.  The trails were all set up for one way traffic, also there were numerous areas where you could pull over and catch your breath or wait for the rest of your group to catch up. 

One of the best parts of the day was seeing so many families on the trails...  I was great to watch the more experienced riders making sure when they passed the families, they did so in a way not to upset / scare the younger riders.  Many riders would take a break after the more difficult hills...  Many would dismount and walk down the hills to help the less experienced riders make it to the top.  You know there's nothing better then watching little Johnny and or Susie climb a difficult hill with a crowd cheering them on...  and then watching them being congratulated on a job well done.  The look on their faces PRICELESS. Not to mention the looks from their beaming parents, reminds us just how much family fun can be had while riding dirt bikes. 

Yep it was a great weekend.   8)