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Title: 1992 KX500 $2500.00 obo
Post by: AFG on December 31, 2009, 10:21:45 PM
I am selling my KX500. I have brought back to race condition. I really enjoy bringing 500's back. I am the second owner of this bike. I installed many new parts and upgrades back in January last year. The new parts I put on were: plastics and graphics, gas cap, MSR bulge bars, MSR shorty levers,pro-taper pillow grips, Michelin rear Maxxis front, steering stem bearings, fork seals oil and bushings, FMF pipe and silencer, exhaust gasket, o-rings and springs, gripper seat, MSR wide foot pegs, and probably lot's of stuff I can't remember right now. I haven't put a lot of time on the bike since I did all the work. The biggest upgrade is the rear shock. I replaced the 92' shock with one from a 2004 KX500. The difference is huge. this bike handles really well now. The motor runs great. This open bike needs nothing to go race! Jetted for sea level using C-12 and Maxima Super-M at 40:1. I ride it regularly for MX. This is no garage queen, it's a clean open bike that is ready to race. I have a ton of extras that come with it from spare frame to shifters, kickstarter, wheel bearings and such. I love this bike, but with Steph raceing full time I need the money to help with getting her to the Amatuer Nationals at Ponca.  I will crate and help set shipping or can deliver lower 48 for a fee ( basically gas money ). We are going to be at Oakhill raceway in Decatur Tx. on the 26th of June and Ponca at the end of July. I'll bring it to those locations for free when we go. The Video's are of me puttin' around with my oldest daughter a while back at Cycle Ranch in Floresville Texas. The bike runs really well. Thanks for looking. Andy 210-569-3172( ( ( ( ( (
Title: Re: 1992 KX500 $2900.00 When men were men and sheep were afraid.
Post by: eprovenzano on January 19, 2010, 09:49:16 AM
You may want to list this on
Title: Re: 1992 KX500 $2500.00 obo
Post by: AFG on June 07, 2011, 04:51:42 PM
I decided to get serious about selling my KX500. I need the money to help fund Steph's racing program. I know the original thread is old , so I put up some recent pictures and video, and revised the ad. If you have any ? please give me a call we are cst time zone. Thanks 
Title: Re: 1992 KX500 $2500.00 obo
Post by: rob.rocker on June 09, 2011, 12:00:28 PM
Hi Andy, nice bike use to own one in 1999 until it got stolen the next year with my truck. Im in NM and a vet racer also, not much funds now and your in TX. I have a 125 KTM that im selling and I cant get what i want for it....depends on area and bike. I would make an offer but the price is high based on year, NADA and Kelly book is way lower. no demand for those years. Just a thought. If interested you can contact me here. Good luck.
Title: Re: 1992 KX500 $2500.00 obo
Post by: AFG on June 09, 2011, 08:52:26 PM
I know the price is on the high side of NADA. However this one is ready to race, and all sorted out. NADA doesn't really take into cosideration of the BNG aspect of certain bikes. YZ 125's are a great example, if you had a clean 06 and an equally clean 2010, both stock the only difference between the two would be a couple of thousand $,and graphics, basically the same. Now let's say we found an extremely clean 06 and a rough 2010. Kelly is going to say the 2010 is still worth alot more. Just my perspective. On the note of you trying to sell the katoom 125. Here in Texas Dallas/Fort Worth are is ground zero for KTM. If you did Craigs there, you may have some good luck. Every NPS auction I go to in Dallas KTM's bring far right of book. even if they are rough.
Title: Re: 1992 KX500 $2500.00 obo
Post by: rob.rocker on June 10, 2011, 09:08:03 PM
Thanks Andy for the sure is nice..I understand the info and price...Ill trade ya my pristine 125..and you can shift alot or for your girl...a 2 smoke thats powerful and reliable...waiting for my 12 250SX...but Ill let anyone I know on my sites and sponsors....and in NM about your big bore...great for desert races..120+ when geared....!! good day....Rob out.