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The Second Coming of the Two Stroke

by Ron Smith on 02/07/2017

Under new management and with a new focus we here at are excited to be a part of the grass roots effort to bring the two stroke back to prominence.

We have worked hard to recover as much of the original content of this site that was lost in a server crash as possible. Some of the images were forever lost but the vast majority of the original site is back, including a little over 59,000 posts in the forum, some of it truly unique and valuable stuff.

Take a look at the Archves for as much of the original TSM content (most!) as we were able to recover.

We invite you to enjoy what we have brought back and look forward to adding several new features in the coming months along with interesting and informative new content.

Welcome and please check back frequently as we will be bringing new content and new features online as fast as we can!


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Two Stroke Troubleshooting in 4 Parts (Part 1)

by Ron Smith on 01/25/2017

This is part 1 of what will ultimately be a 4-part series dealing with basic troubleshooting of a two stroke motorcycle engine. This, of course, also applies to quads and much of it applies to any engine of any type, but will specifically cover two strokes while skipping over 4 stroke related things such as valve timing, etc.